About District B

The boundaries of District B stretch from Canal Street along the Mississippi River to Jefferson Avenue, and encompass Central City, Broadmoor and parts of Mid-City and Bayou St. John. The district is made up of the city’s most dynamic neighborhoods like the Central Business District, the Warehouse District, the Garden District, Central City, the Irish Channel, Gert Town, Freret-Milan, Touro-Bouligny, Broadmoor, and Mid-City, to name a few. Two of our city’s most famous and charming streets - St. Charles Avenue and Magazine Street - are in District B.

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What a District B City Councilmember Does

The City Council enacts all local laws that govern the city of New Orleans. The Council also approves the operating and capital budgets for the City, as recommended by the Mayor, and continually monitors revenues and expenditures for local government operations. Each Councilmember’s office listens to and addresses their constituents’ needs. 


The Council is the only municipality in the nation to regulate the city’s electricity provider. The City Council also handles zoning matters and serves as the Board of Review for all property tax appeals. The City Council also works with local, state, and federal partners in and out of government to solve problems in our communities and improve quality of life. 


  • Enacts all local laws governing New Orleans

  • Approves and monitors the city budget

  • Listens to and addresses constituents’ needs

  • Regulates Entergy

  • Handles zoning matters and serves as Board of Review for all property tax appeals

  • Works with local, state, and federal partners to solve problems and improve quality of life

What a City Councilmember Doesn't Do

The City Council does not govern public schools in New Orleans. The state legislature gave the power to govern public schools to the Orleans Parish School Board. The City Council does not manage the city’s water, drainage, and sewerage facilities. The state legislature gave the responsibility for the management of water, drainage, and sewerage to the Board of Directors of the Sewerage & Water Board. The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans' eleven member Board of Directors consists of the Mayor, the chair of the Public Works, Sanitation and Environment Committee of the New Orleans City Council or their designee, two representatives of the Board of Liquidation, and seven citizen members, of which five represent council districts and two consumer advocates and one of the appointments shall be a retired civil engineer. 


Because the City Council doesn’t have direct authority over these two vital aspects of our city’s quality of life and economic development, it is so important that District B has a Councilmember that is the kind of leader who will bring people together to solve our community's problems. 


  • K-12 public education is governed by the elected members of the Orleans Parish School Board. 

  • Water, Drainage, and Sewerage facilities are managed by the Sewerage & Water Board (a City Councilmember serves on this 11-member board). 

  • City Councilmembers need to be able to organize and work together with these public officials to solve problems.